Decompression Therapy

Aka… “Traction” is a Gentle, Non-Surgical way to relieve Back Pain

Rather than living with neck and back pain, chiropractic therapy that includes Decompression Therapy can provide much needed relief.  Human vertebrae have soft discs that reside between each vertebrae to act as a cushion to the vertebrae with the nervous system running the entire length of the spine and through each soft disc.  These pathways are controlled by the brain and send signals to all your vital organs.  When normal wear and tear degenerates the spine or injury occurs, these discs can become pinched or bulged, which puts pressure on these sensitive nerves causing severe pain and many other symptoms.

Decompression Therapy or Traction, uses a gentle pulling to “reinflate” the soft tissue discs, thereby taking pressure off the nerves and relieving the pain and the symptoms caused by pressure on the nerves.  The beauty of Decompression therapy is that it is non-surgical and requires no down time after treatments and no use of drugs.  The reason this form of therapy works is because it creates a vacuum within the discs to restore discs back to normal disc height which then allows pressure to be taken off the nerves and nutrients to flow back into the discs.  There has even been proven research showing that Decompression Therapy can cause discs to grow back, restoring natural health and function to the discs.

When performed correctly, decompression therapy is very effective. Done in two phases, decompression therapy actually pulls and stretches the herniated discs apart.  This pulls the bulge back to where it belongs, and it also pulls oxygen, water, and nutrients that are needed for healing into the spine.  The result is a stronger, healthier disc that works the way it is supposed to.  Decompression therapy may be able to help you feel better, experience less pain, and gain back the quality of life you have lost.  If you are tired of dealing with the pain of a herniated disc, talk to Dr. Kurt von Rice of von Rice Chiropractic and Wellness to see if you are a qualified candidate.